Team Facilitation

I work with teams for a wide variety of reasons including:

  • Improving team dynamics
  • Setting vision
  • Defining values
  • Gearing up for forthcoming change
  • Embedding new ways of working

Sometimes team facilitation is about providing quality thinking time and effective challenge to help define and prepare for the future. Sometimes it’s about airing issues and addressing resistance to change so that individuals are listened to and solutions identified, helping future teamwork to flow.

What should you expect?

Be prepared to get clear about what you want from team facilitation; working together we’ll define the outcomes you’re looking to achieve so that the event is fully tailored to your needs. Successful facilitation starts with ensuring all team members have opportunity to contribute whilst keeping you on task and to time. However great facilitation is much more than that; it’s about knowing when to challenge, when to give the team space to come up with their own solutions and when to push for action.

My approach

Using Patrick Lencioni’s model of the Five Dysfunctions of a Team, I encourage teams to be honest with each other, to exercise robust challenge as part of decision making, to engage , commit and be united behind team decisions and to hold each other to account so that they achieve the results they are striving for.

When needed, I have a toolkit of individual and team profiling tools, team audits and a wide range of models of teamwork, communication, change management and leadership in addition to my 20 years experience of supporting teams through transformation. However, as with any facilitation, the experience and knowledge is already in the room; my role is simply to help you unlock it.

Please contact me for further information.