My Approach

There are three interlinked aspects to how I work.


Clarity kills indecision, enables others to be inspired by your vision and brings honesty in identifying what you want and how you’re going to achieve it. Many of us have sat in meetings littered with abstract jargon where nothing is decided and nothing achieved. Many people tell me they’d chase their dreams ‘if only I knew what my dream was’ but they just can’t see the wood for the trees.

My approach is to help individuals and teams define what they want by focusing on their purpose, values and beliefs to understand what their vision is and how are they going to get there. Once you’re on this journey, it’s much easier to build momentum and be bold and brave in your actions.


Clarity can only be achieved through challenge. As individuals, it can be hard to constructively challenge ourselves and we may need someone outside our situation to help us gain insight. In teams and organisations robust debate is fundamental to ensuring creativity, engagement and commitment and yet we shy away from the discomfort of conflict.

Facilitating positive challenge in a safe environment is core to what I do. This includes encouraging honest conversations in teams as to what works well and what can be improved, helping people gain insight through perceiving a situation from different standpoints and tackling creative blocks by challenging ‘how it’s done round here.’


Only when we gain insight through challenge can we recognise the choices available to us. We all make decisions in how we behave and what we do; however much we may feel we are victims of our own circumstance we always have choice.

Recognising this is a key to stepping away from apathy and rising above the distractions of every day busyness. In doing so, we can then empower ourselves to make decisions that are right for ourselves, our teams and our organisations.

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