Coaching, Team Facilitation and Organisational Development in Hampshire

I believe as individuals, teams and organisations, we have untapped potential we struggle to realise as we get caught up with work and the overwhelming demands and obligations of life.

  • We may be trapped in jobs that we lost our passion for a long time ago
  • We may be so busy fire-fighting that we seldom focus on the personal and team dynamics that help or hinder us to meet our aims
  • As senior leaders, we may lose sight of the strategic as we become encumbered with operational issues
  • Colleagues may feel disengaged by the turbulence of organisational change

Without even realising it, we make choices that box us in rather than seeking opportunities to be honest with ourselves and others. We can free our potential, align with our true sense of self and achieve our goals.

I help bring clarity to individuals, teams and organisations through:

I do this by challenging current thoughts and practices, bringing insight into personal and team dynamics, facilitating goal setting and visioning, and providing guidance around the people side of change management. In doing so, I aim to shine a light to help others make choices that are positive, purposeful and productive for themselves, their team and their organisation.

Please contact me for further information. I work within Hampshire including Portsmouth, Southampton and Winchester, Dorset, Somerset, West Sussex, Wiltshire, Surrey, and Berkshire.